Bachelor in Mathematical Sciences (B.Math.Sc.) Course Structure


The programme is full time, of 8 Semesters in 4 years in duration.  Bachelor in Mathematical Sciences courses basically comprises of some compulsory foundational courses consisting of fundamentals of  Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science and Information Technology plus some elective courses from a list of courses which may vary from year to year as a multi-exit model decided by the subject committee. There will also be some courses covering Technical Writing Communication English, Humanities and Social Sciences, management, natural sciences aspects as demanded by the area of concentration taken as optional/concentration areas.

Total Credit hourss :  At least 120 cr. hrs

Number of Courses:             The first FOUR semesters will offer five courses each. The number of courses in the remaining semesters may vary.

Nature of Courses:    Theoretical, Practical, Term Paper, Project, field work etc.

Prerequisite:  Mathematics of 100 marks or Business mathematics in + 2 or equivalent.

Marking:  Semester
Exam – 60% (End of the semester exam., 60 marks )

Internal Assessment = 40%

The internal assessment may include writing test, Oral test, seminar,
practical, project work, field work etc. In each of the semester Exam and Internal Assessment, the student must secure at least 40% in order to complete the course.

The first two years of the program provide a foundation in a broad range of areas including mathematics, statistics and computer science.

The third and fourth years of the program give the students the opportunity to specialize in one of the prescribed areas.