Grading Policy

he following range of grade points for each letter grade will be followed. The performance of a student is evaluated in terms of two indices:  a) Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) which is the grade point average of the particular semester and   b) Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) which is the grade point average of all the semesters taken together. The Level of Award for BMathSc will be determined by CGPA.

                        Range of Grade Points

Marks Range (in %)Grade Point (Value)Grade
90 and above4.0A+
85 –893.7A
80 –843.3B+
75 –793.0B
70 –742.7B
65 –692.3C+
60 –642.0C
50 –541.3D+
0 –390.0F

Levels of Award

3.30 – 4.0Distinction
2.30 – 3.29First Class
1.30 – 2.29Second Class
1.0 – 1.29Pass


  • The minimum pass grade for each course shall be Grade D.
  • A student obtaining Grade F in any course shall deem to have failed in that course.

Calculation of SGPA and CGPA

1)         Add the total course credits for all courses attempted.

2)    Multiply the course credit by the earned grade point to obtain the total grade points for each course.

3)         Add the total grade points earned for all courses.

4)         Divide the total grade points earned by the total course credits, i.e., Step 3 is divided by Step 1.

Example (SGPA)

CourseABCDETotal Course Credit
Course Credit3333416
GradeA+AB-B+C+Total GP Earned
Grade Points43.
Grade Points Earned1211.

SGPA= Total Grade Points Earned / Total Course Credit = 50.30 / 16 = 3.14.

SGPA= 3.14                         Level of Award: First Class