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Connection of our SMS TU Actuarial Science Courses with  IFOA Exam Syllabi

Since actuarial science uses mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk and uncertainty in financial sector. Actuaries are essential in industries such as insurance companies and financial services industry to help them forecast long-term financial costs and investment risks. Actuaries should possess unique mathematical, analytical, communication and management skills to evaluate and manage financial risks. If the students  are good in mathematics, enjoy problem-solving and are interested in financial matters, then they should enjoy studying actuarial science. 

An actuarial qualification from the Institute of Actuaries consisted of a combination of the completion of various examinations and courses. School of Mathematical Sciences(SMS) TU is running the actuarial science courses similar to the core courses on which the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFOA), UK has been conducting the professional examination. Our school allows/invites students and individuals who want to appear in the professional exams of UK board (IFOA) and Indian board, Institute of Actuary India (IAI) to participate in lecture classes of Actuarial Science Program. The content of our present curriculum is consistent with the various programs in actuarial study corresponding to the new IFOA exam syllabi required for Associate Actuary.

coverage is shown in the following table:

Courses of SMS TU B. Math. Sc.
courses of IFOA
BMS 102: Actuarial Statistics 1 CS1: Actuarial Statistics 1
BMS 152: Actuarial Statistics II CS1: Actuarial Statistics 1
MSST 201: Theory of Probability CS1: Actuarial Statistics 1
MSST 252: Mathematical Statistics CS2: Actuarial Statistics 2
MSST 251: Applied Probability Models CS2: Actuarial Statistics 2
MSMT 301: Financial Mathematics I CM1: Actuarial Mathematics 1
MSMT 351: Financial Mathematics II CM1: Actuarial Mathematics 1
MSAS 301: Actuarial Models I(Life contingent I) CM2: Actuarial Mathematics 2
MSAS 351: Actuarial Models II(Life contingent II) CM2: Actuarial Mathematics 2
MSAC 301: Financial Accounting CB1: Business Finance
 MSAC 351: Corporate and Managerial Accounting CB1: Business Finance
MSEC 351: Principles of Economics I (Micro) CB2: Business Economics
MSEC 401: Principles of Economics II (Macro) CB2: Business Economics
MSMN 401: Business Management I CB3: Business Management
MSMN 451: Business Management II CB3: Business Management

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Syllabus  of Actuarial Science

Syllabus of I Semester

Syllabus of II Semester

Syllabus of III Semester

Syllabus of IV Semester

Syllabus of V Semester

Syllabus of VI Semester

Syllabus of VII Semester

Syllabus of VIII Semester